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Known as the red city, built out of burnt clay and nestled in a thousand year-old palm grove cherished as one of the city’s most precious testaments to its rich history, visitors and natives alike find Marrakech the most beloved city in all of Morocco.

Its charm reflects in the silver jewelry laid out on carpets, in the hamamms hidden within its narrow streets, in the myriad of colors and scents emanating from busy souks and bustling marketplaces. A city steeped in the traditional Berber culture, it is a meeting place for people of all likes. It is the point where the North encounters the South, perched on the edge of the Atlas Mountains and a gateway to Northern Africa’s notorious Sahara Desert.

Morocco has long had a favorable history with the United States, as the first country to officially recognize the U.S. as an independent nation in 1776. A two-hundred year old treaty is still in place, encouraging strong trade ties between these two worlds.

With our will to celebrate both the best of our native country and our new home in Washington DC we have infused the most celebrated aspects of old world Marrakech with Washington’s unique history of multi-culturism and unique culinary tastes.

As a natural crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Morocco’s cuisine has been influenced by both Spanish and French culture, while still maintaining its traditional tagines and couscous.

We invite you to join us for a cup of mint tea, relax and soak in the extravagant fabrics and tiles of a far-away exotic land. At Marrakech  every guest is treated to the finest in Moroccan hospitality.


       Moroccan Mediterranean Restaurant

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